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Cloud, Cloud, Cloud

Heard about cloud computing but dont really know how it can help your business ?  Territory Technology Solutions with Arafura Connect have been offering local Cloud Computing for the past 7 years.  Speak to our sales team about what Cloud Computing can do for you.

IP Telephony and VC

  Avaya IP Office

An Avaya IP Office small business phone system enables your entire team to connect and collaborate in real-time, without limitations, using available and appropriate devices—including smart phones, laptops, tablets, home phones, and office phones.  Designed specifically for small and midsize businesses, IP Office delivers the collaboration tools you need, from basic telephony to the most sophisticated unified communications. An IP Office phone system helps you create your most productive mobile workforce, increase capacity and capabilities as your business grows, and gain business and customer service efficiencies.

  With Avaya IP Office, flexibility, scalability, and options are built right in: Grow from five employees to 1,000 (at a single site) and network up to 32 locations. Add video capabilities with the Avaya Flare® Experience and our Radvision Scopia® products. Deliver applications to everyone: mobile and office workers, receptionists, remote staff, and customer service agents and supervisors. Track, record, and report on calls to build optimal customer interactions.

Deploy a hybrid solution using IP, digital, analog or SIP technology in any combination. IP Office can interoperate with more than 2 million Avaya systems worldwide. 
Features and Benefits

Collaborate in real time, without boundaries
Enable employees to stay productive and accessible when away from their desks. Employees can hold video chats with colleagues and customers from their desks or while mobile. They can keep business and operations moving using IM, presence, full call control, conferencing, and more on their devices of choice.
Improve responsiveness to customers
Enable customers to quickly reach the right associates—whether employees are in or out of the office. Integration with desktop applications (such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Lync, and Salesforce.com), multi-layered automated attendants, and mobility applications help speed interactions and provide personalized service to customers.
Keep up with growth
IP Office is the most cost-effective solution for growing businesses. Simply upgrade your software or add new hardware for capacity—keeping your initial investment intact.
Get great value for your investment
IP Office has a built-in, secure 128-party conference bridge. We add call recording, automated attendants, voice mail, voice-mail-to-email integration, and video conferencing options. Move up to advanced unified communications capabilities–for presence status, IM, mobile call control, conferencing, and more. Integrate with desktop applications and employee devices (such as smart phones and tablets).
Lower your TCO
IP Office lets you save with the most energy-efficient desk phones, a built-in 128-party conference bridge (if you’re paying a monthly fee for conferencing, spend no more) and call recording. When you upgrade from Avaya MERLIN®, PARTNER® ACS, Business Communication Manager, or Norstar, save up to 60% of your original investment.
Rely on resiliency
Take advantage of intelligent failover between sites. Or, for single location deployments, easily add a redundant server. Without the need for internal fans or hard drives, IP Office delivers a mean time between failures of 68 years.
Simplify system management
Manage multiple sites from a single interface. Use drag-and-drop system management tools. Give users the communications features they need with applications designed for mobile, office, and teleworker employee

Overall a great solution for all small to medium business, combined with the ongoing support from Territory Technology Solutions you cannot go wrong.

Avaya Scopia XT

VIDEO CONFERENCING ANYWHERE—Take the Meeting with you.

  You know video conferencing lets you meet with colleagues, partners, and customers, regardless of locations. But now you can join any meeting easily from your desktop or mobile device. Now there’s always the option of having a face-to-face meeting.
Enable anyone—inside or outside your organization—to join your virtual meeting room with freely distributed Scopia® Desktop and Mobile Applications. Using any device, from any location, moderate or participate in a meeting, share content, discuss, and make decisions.
Support the Bring Your Own Device movement with the ultimate standards-based enterprise-grade mobile HD video conferencing applications.
All-in-One Video Conferencing

The Scopia XT Meeting Center is a premium HD video conferencing room system integrating single or dual 55-inch 1080p displays in a specially designed cart for a simple and efficient implementation. The mobility of the cart enables the system to be used as a shared resource and creates a high-quality video meeting space with no installation requirements. The XT Meeting Center is powered by the Avaya Scopia® XT5000 Room System with HD video, content sharing and audio capabilities, and optional embedded multi-party conferencing.
Integrated Desktop Video Conferencing and PC Display
The Scopia XT Executive’s 24-inch full HD LED display, HD camera, high fidelity speakers, echo-cancelling microphone and advanced video conferencing platform provide an elegant all-in-one desktop video conferencing system and PC display. The system also offers optional embedded multi-party conferencing for impromptu group meetings, unique HD 1080p for highly detailed content sharing, and available simultaneous 1080p video channels.

AverMedia Video Conferencing Solutions

HQ and Branch Office Communication
For businesses with multiple locations, AVer Video Conferencing is the perfect bridge to efficient communication between branches. Clear video and audio serve to enhance meetings by allowing participants to see body language and understand voice tone to gain accurate meaning from presentations, demonstrations and reactions. The ability to communicate branch offices to each other and HQ, members are better connected while reducing the need for travel.
   AVer's HVC Series is the most versatile HD video conferencing solution on the market today. It combines premium features such as full duplex audio, HDMI, multi-site conferencing and recording into a single budget-friendly, easy-to-use system. The included 3-year warranty with one year of advanced replacement is an AVer exclusive, and a testament to our solution's reliability.Simple Video Conferencing
AVer builds video conferencing systems that are perfect for small businesses who find that free web-based conferencing is not enough and traditional enterprise video conferencing is too expensive and complex. With AVer, customers have an easy-to-use, all-inclusive video conferencing solution at an affordable price for their SMB budget.

Since AVer solutions are compatible with all other room-based video conferencing brands, even large enterprise customers can take advantage of AVer by being able to expand existing video conference installations simply and affordably. For the price of 1 to 2 enterprise video conferencing systems, AVer can outfit almost every meeting room in a facility.
Expandable Control and Content Sharing Share your computer content wirelessly with AVer's ScreenShare as well as control your system and share snapshots with VCLink for your smartphone (All Free!) High Quality AVer gives you everything without sacrificing quality. You will experience video conferencing in full HD backed by AVer's guarantee.


Call in to our office or contact one of our friendly sales team on (08) 8944 2222 or via e-mail sales@techsolutions.com.au for more information and pricing.