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Managed SOC Services

Managed SOC Services with RocketCyber Threat Monitoring Platform

Territory Technology Solutions partnering with RocketCyber to provide a Managed SOC (security operation center) that leverages the RocketCyber Threat Monitoring Platform detecting malicious and suspicious activity across three critical attack vectors: Endpoint | Network | Cloud.
This service is comprised of an elite team of security veterans and experts who proactively hunt and investigate threat activity across all of your managed small-business customers. We perform the triage of detections and work with your team on the remediation when an actionable threat is discovered.

Key SOC Features

SIEMless Log Monitoring Monitor, search, alert and report on the 3 attack pillars: network, cloud and endpoint log data spanning:

  - Windows & macOS security events
  - Firewall & network device events
  - Office 365 & Azure AD cloud events

SIEM Dashboard

Threat Intelligence & Hunting

Real-time threat intelligence monitoring, connecting to premium intel feed partners giving our customers the largest global repository of threat indicators.
Our SOC Analysts utilize intel telemetry to hunt bad actors that may be lurking around your network.

Breach Detection

Detect adversaries that evade traditional cyber defences such as Firewalls and AV. Identifies attacker TTPs and aligns with Mitre Attack, producing a forensic timeline of chronological events to deter the intruder before a breach occurs

Intrusion Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of malicious and suspicious activity, identifying indicators such as
  - connections to terrorist nations
  - unauthorised TCP/UDP services
  - backdoor connections to C2 servers

NextGen Malware

Use your own malware prevention or leverage our command and control app for Microsoft Defender backed up with a secondary line of defence using RocketCyber's malicious detection of files, tools, processes and more.


An attack vector is the method or entry vehicle used by an adversary to penetrate and successfully compromise a corporate asset.

TTS SOC monitors three critical attack vectors by collecting data, detecting the threat, creating a security incident ticket to our support team with a remedy and the ability to isolate and contain the threat when needed .

Our endpoint agent is also used to monitor events from Webroot and the WatchGuard Firewalls onsite ensuring all access is monitored and actioned when not appropriate.

SIEM Getting Started

The TTS team of engineers can have your environment connected to the Managed SOC Services Threat Monitoring Platform within hours allowing data collection and analysis of your network and traffic to ensure not on the network but all endpoints, firewalls and external services such as Office 365 are monitored and protected. 



On Review

Onboarding pricing is determined by the quantity of endpoints with fixed pricing to be provided once the scope has been determined.


Per Device Monthly Subscription fee $7.50 which includes all monitoring and remediation.
Single Azure P1 License $10 / Month required for Microsoft 365 Integration.

Our Essentials package provides a suggested bi-annual scheduled Risk Assessment reviews and Audits to ensure you remain compliant.

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