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Cloud Computing

Revolutionise the way your business is run. Take advantage of our innovative cloud computing services and solutions today! Escape the limitations of owning server infrastructure and join the legions choosing to rent offsite cloud infrastructure.
Say hello to hardware that never becomes obsolete plus take advantage of mobility, centralised management, OPEX expenditure and scalable storage, compute and security functions.

Beware though, not all cloud services are the same.

Territory Technology Solutions sister company Arafura Connect offers its customers a range of Cloud Infrastructure Solutions customized to suit your needs.
We can provide hybrid solutions utilising;

  • Arafura Connect - Connected Office Platform utilising the latest in hardware and software to provide a reliable & fast IAAS Platform.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsoft Azure / Entra Services
  • Microsoft Office 365

Arafura Connect has been providing Cloud hosting solutions and Managed Services since 2007.
We pioneered our own Cloud infrastructure and today provide superior data security and High Availability.

Using enterprise grade technology from leading vendors such as WatchGuard, Lenovo, Broadcom and others, Connected Office is built for performance.

We have been delivering cloud IT solutions for over 25 years and if you are not clear on cloud, we are so speak with our staff.

Connected Office by Arafura Connect

For more details visit www.connectedoffice.com.au or email sales@techsolutions.com.au