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Office 365 Solutions

The Office 365 Platform is now a widely utilised platform however there are a few areas that require additional security and resiliency to ensure your business and data is protected.

Territory Technology Solutions have been working with Microsoft as a number of clients with Office 365 services that have been compromised and exploited with the end result being payment of invoices to incorrect clients and loss of significant amounts of money.

Office 365 has been a target for hackers who gain access to accounts and then contact your clients for payments.

The enabling of MultiFactor Authentication (MFA) ensures that any new devices that logon to the service require a second authentication method which is typically SMS or via an application on your mobile before they can logon.

Territory Technology Solutions offers the Barracuda Security Essentials cloud platform to provide Email Security & Protection (SPAM), Office 365 Mailbox, OneDrive and SharePoint Backup and finally Office 365 Email Archiving solutions from the one cloud to cloud solution as currently Office 365 does not offer comprehensive Backup and Security services on the platform.

The Barracuda Essentials platform is configured remotely as the platform is cloud based (hosted in Australia) to connect into the Office 365 cloud so no onsite installation is needed.


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