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PROTECT Fog Cannon

you can't steal what you can't see

Protect your business and staff with PROTECT Fog Cannon

How it works

Activated by your security system or a duress button, a PROTECT Fog Cannon® will fill the area with dense fog within seconds making it impossible for the criminal to see, steal or damage anything. The fog lasts long enough for the police or security to arrive. The dense dry fog is completely harmless to humans and animals, and will not damage your property.

fog cannon timeline banner

3 Seconds
The offender has broken into your business. The alarm and the PROTECT Fog Cannon® are immediately activated.

8 Seconds
In a matter of seconds it will be impossible for the intruders to see what they came for. The intruders get a surprise and leave immediately.

12 Seconds
It is impossible to see... and impossible to steal anything!

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