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Cloud, Cloud, Cloud

Heard about cloud computing but dont really know how it can help your business ?  Territory Technology Solutions with Arafura Connect have been offering local Cloud Computing for the past 7 years.  Speak to our sales team about what Cloud Computing can do for you.

Cloud Computing

Way back in 2006 Territory Technology Solutions had a number of clients in various locations who wanted to access the same systems and did not want to have their own servers & infrastructure, they have poor internet services at the main site so providing a solution based in their office was going to be tricky.

At the same time another local provider Arafura Connect was experiencing difficulty,so we bought them and established our own networks and a service called Application Service Provision (ASP) where Arafura Connect hosted the clients servers.  All these years later we have invested a great deal of time and money in solutions to build the ASP into what has become Cloud Computing and we still have the same clients on board that we started with all those years ago.
If you don't understand how cloud works that is understandable as it is such a broad term, however in short it comes down to your device (PC, Laptop or tablet) accessing data that is hosted as an internet service, this is typically referred to as Public Cloud.

The ArafuraCloud service provides access to either the specific applications that you require or we can provide a desktop environment for you to work from. 

All your data is secure and backed up each night, this data is sent to Sydney and Brisbane for redundancy and security.

As in many cases we can build a specific environment for you applications, we have a number of clients that have up to 5 servers in their own cloud environment, there are no restrictions or limitations.

All services provided by ArafuraCloud are hosted in Darwin, nothing is off-shore.

ArafuraCloud provides hosted desktop services for SME & SMB clients where we provide access to the applications such as Office, Myob, Quickbooks and a variety of specialised software applications.

With over 500 connected clients we know what we are clear on cloud.

   More detail can be found on the ArafuraCloud site - www.arafuracloud.com.au

Call in to our office or contact one of our friendly sales team on (08) 8944 2222 or via e-mail sales@techsolutions.com.au for more information and pricing.